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Equipment Support & Sales

Independent Slip Testing Services provides broad support towards meeting your slip testing business goals.

ISTS is a regional reseller for Wessex Precision Instruments, manufacturers of the British pendulum and Tortus dry floor friction devices. We offer introductory training and stock a wide range of spares and testing consumables.

Our NATA (ILAC) accredited calibration service (for all pendulum brands) ensures your device operates accurately and efficiently…with prompt turnaround times and realistic prices.

Thank you for your consideration, and all the best in business.


  • Wet Pendulum Skid Tester
  • Tortus 3 Dry Floor Friction Tester
  • Ancillary Testing Equipment Packs
  • Spares and Consumables

Wet pendulum skid tester

$9450+GST each (includes accredited calibration
+ shipping if required)

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Tortus 3 Dry Floor Friction Tester

$9450+GST each (current model is printer-less
+ shipping if required)

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Wet Pendulum Verification Kit

$1250+GST each (suited for Wessex pendulums
+ shipping if required)

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  • Pendulum Calibration (NATA (ILAC) accredited calibration facility)
  • Tortus Calibration (NATA (ILAC) accredited calibration facility)
  • Control Testing
  • Testing Equipment Repairs & Servicing
  • Introductory Training